Some people deserve everyone’s time


I came across this video from Steve Jobs recently when I was on vacation. I just learned that he passed away and the blog I found it on highly recommended watching this video. I started watching, but the sound was all bad on my headphones and I had 2 choices: 1 watch it anyway and miss half of it or 2 save it and watch it when I could pay full attention to it.

If this was anyone else I’d choose 1, because I’m impatient as hell. But this just isn’t someone. This is a man who was respected by fans and enemy’s. Who’d given THE most epic speeches of this century and most importantly simply changed our whole Western society with his love for what he did. This man deserved my full attention.

I just finished watched it, quetly in my new house and all by myself. Every single word of this video is brilliant. It is pure soulfood.

For anyone and everyone who cares about something, it is worthwhile spending your full attention to every word and move he makes in this video. If there’s anything good you want to do for yourself today, I reccomend you to watch this video. I promise it will be worth it.

Much love to Steve Jobs and his family. Some people just deserve everyone’s time and he definitely was one of them.


Book recommendation: The 4 hour workweek



This book was recommended to me a while ago by my friend Claudia and last weekend also by my other friend Mascha, who was also was raving about it. I’m so happy I could borrow it, because I’ve just read 60 pages and it’s already changing my life!

Ferriss writes down very easily and practically how you can become more effective, up to a point where you would actually do twice the work in half the time. Sounds too good to be true? Well for some people it will be, as it all depends on your state of mind and how far you’re willing to go.

Whatever you want to do I can guarantee you that it will improve your working life.

Therefore just read it!

If you want to do something good for yourself today go to your bookstore in your lunchbreak, or during the weekend and get it, or even better order it online. You can thank me later, just like I will thank my friends for recommending it.

Enjoy your day!





Returning to the living


Hi, just a quick post to let you know I’m still alive and kicking!

In the past few weeks I took a break, because I really needed it. When I wrote the last post I was so exhausted, that I  slept for 12 hours straight and still felt insanely tired most of the time. Next to that I knew September was going to be an extremely busy month at work, so I had to refocus and appoint my energy (or what was left of it) to the most basic priorities.

In the mean time the biggest craze at work has passed, I found a place to live in Amsterdam for a longer period of time and booked a braindead beach vacation! So looking forward to moving and having my own steady place, after having relaxed on the beach with the sun shining on my face and nothing else on my mind than to eat, drink and sleep.

Now I’m still pretty exhausted, but I am feeling a lot better. Therefore I will post whenever I feel like it, in order to avoid any unnecessary pressure at this point.

I found out I still love my blog a lot, so I won’t be quitting anywhere in the near future ;) .

Wishing  you a beautiful day!



If it’s not fun, why do it?


For the upcoming week I won’t be posting any new posts and after that I will decide if I want to continue with my blog and if so, in which way. As you might have noticed I have been slacking a bit lately and that’s because I have a lot of things on my mind. Work is busy and the place I rented in Amsterdam just finished last week, which means I have to find a new place a.s.a.p. Next to that, all the changes of the past year are really starting to effect me now and that’s why my primary priorities now lay elsewhere than my blog. I hope you can understand this and will still be coming back if and when I decide to continue.

Wishing you all the best!




Berlin shopping update


As mentioned I did a little shopping in Berlin, though very rewarding! I present to you my first designer bag! It’s from Gucci and apart from a couple of scratches at the bottom it’s in perfect vintage state. I so, so, so love it and it goes with everything! I especially love the way it closes, as you have to slide the top to the left and then the front opens. Very cool!

Bag detail….small scratches tell a story of the previous owner. Wondering what the story is…

Just like with this crazy beautiful dress!!! It’s insanely gorgeous and my other vintage pride. The picture doesn’t even come near how gorgeous it is…

And my last score are these Marc Cain riding pants. I always loved Marc Cain a lot due to the awesome combo of sport details with very feminine items. These pants were on sale and look very, very cool!

Like I said I didn’t shop a lot, but I’m very, very happy with what I got. Definitely all not regular items and I so love it!

Hope you’re having a great day!



Favorite chain stores fall cravings: Zara



1 Zipper dress
2 Snake print dress
3 Print dress
4 Patent brogues
5 Shiny boyfriend blazer
6 Python print ballerina’s
7 Metallic heels
8 Zipper vest

Even though the end of the sale period is always a sad time, there’s always a positive side as the new fall collections are slowly taking over the stores! I was checking them all out in my favorite chain stores and decided it would be cool to make a list of my fall cravings. Starting with Zara!

Every budget fashionista loves Zara as they have beautiful pieces, which are quickly copied from the catwalk. If you want to stay up to date with fashion on a budget, Zara is the place to be. Browing through the fall/winter collection I noticed my eyes were only looking for dresses, warm vests and blazers and comfy shoes. Also mettalics and prints have a high want, want, want effect on me!

I’m absolutely not in the mood to think about any cool combo’s with skirts, trousers and tops when it’s cold and dark outside. Therefore this is my perfect solution! Dresses are so easy on those dark cold mornings, and warm vests and blazers are perfect to encounter any cold fall weather. Combined with some flats for the completely relaxed look, or some heels for more glamour, your office outfit is good to go in a flash (which means you can enjoy your warm bed just a little longer ;) )!

Stay tuned for the next fall cravings from my favorite chain stores! What are yours?

Wishing you a beautiful day! Enjoy every ray of sun we have left this summer.



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Making it happen in life: Berlin Ich Liebe Dich!!!


I came back from Berlin on Sunday and what an impression did that city make on me! It is such a cool, gorgeous, historical city. Words can’t describe how much I’ve fallen in love with it (although I’ll try anyway…).

I went with my brother, who went there earlier this year so he already saw a many things of the city. Only this time we were in a different area, so there was also a lot of new stuff for him to see. We were dead tired the first day, as our plane left at 06:50! As we arrived at the hotel we heard we could only check in after 2 PM, which was a bummer as we were both longing for a nap. So what do you do when you have a bummer and you’re in Berlin? Get over it!

We immediately went to see a bit more of the surroundings and already saw some pretty stuff, drank coffee at Balzac (where my brother fell in love with the name LOL) and returned to the hotel. Only to fall asleep for the next few hours and go to dinner in the evening.

In the next few days we saw everything Berlin is famous for (from a historical point of view): the East side gallery on the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburger Tor, the Reichstag, the Holocaust monument, the Berliner Dom, the Häkescher markt, the DDR museum and Checkpoint Charlie. It is insane what an amount of modern Western history can be found in this city. I was already a major fan of WWII history (not because it’s fun, but because I’m fascinated by the causes, reactions and the impact of the events), it was my favorite subject in high school.

Walking in this city with a story about these events on almost literally every corner of the street was an amazing feeling. I didn’t know that much about the Berliner Wall and the DDR, but that also made a huge impact on me. I saw a different side of the history I already knew and damn the German people have had a tough time, due to decisions made by a small group of people. Of course I know that’s always the case with dictatorial regimes, but this was the first time I saw the story from a perspective of the normal German people. Insanely impresive!

My biggest historical highlight was a picture I took with my smartphone (as I was smart enough to take my camera with me but forget the SD card…) featuring the Holocaust monument, the Reichstag, the Brandenburger Tor and the German and American flag ALL in one picture…simply breath taking!

Next to the historical sight seeing we also went shopping! Before I went I heard a lot of stories about Berlin not being a real shopping city. Those stories are true, up to a point that you do really have to look for the shopping area. But let me tell you we found it and enjoyed it a lot! We went to the KaDeWe, which has a lot of major fashion brands and they were all on sale! Whiiihaaa! I didn’t go all out and just bought some cool pants.

I had a reason for this as our next stop was a store where they sell vintage designer stuff. Seriously it was like I discovered a room of treasures….which it in fact was. Armani, Chanel, Gucci, Prada etc. and that all with a story and for half the price! I tried on a couple of shoes (all almost new!) but none of them fit me. It didn’t really matter as I bought my first designer bag from Gucci in the end! I so love it and am going to show you soon. They also had 2 REAL Haute Couture dresses hanging there, which were earlier featured on the covers of Elle…yes jaw dropping and I could only stare with a big grin on my face. Just looking at them made me happy.

The same street featured 5 more of such stores, so I went back the next day and bought a gorgeous dress (don’t know if it’s from a designer, but it’s gorgeous…). So the Mommsenstrasse is definitely my biggest shopping highlight in Berlin! Oh and if you like regular vintage stuff you should also check out Garage if you’re ever in Berlin, as it’s a huge vintage shop.

Next to the shopping and historical sight seeing we also went out of course. Berlin is famous for it’s nightlife and even has the best club in Europe. We definitely visited that one (which is an accomplishement by itself, as the door policy is literally random) and also Cookies and 2Be club. All very memorable nights!!!

Finally I saw so many nice German people, who were all very friendly! I loved their hospitality and they also have great food from all over the world.

In case you didn’t ever visit Berlin I would have to say it is a must see. The city stole my heart and I don’t want it back! I just hope to come back again one day.

Hope you’ve had a great day!



Casual Monday work outfit – part 2


Asos slash neck knitted dress

Following last weeks post I started thinking about what other really comfy combo’s I make when I’m recovering from the weekend and trying to speed up on Monday. Next to last weeks casual outfit my other favorite option is some kind of sweater dress. The looser the better and to compensate the loose shape I definitely recommend wearing it with killer heels. Or if you want to go for ultimate Monday chill mode: flats!

Nothing beats a good sweater dress, as it is something I very well could have worn at home because it’s so comfortable. Next to the comfort it is also a brainless piece, as you simply put it on and you’re good to go. Oh and did I mention it looks really good? I can never  believe I’m getting compliments when wearing a sweater dress, as it’s just too comfy to feel very dressed up….Oh well, perception is everything, right?

So the next time you’re struggling on a Monday morning, and would love to feel like you’re still wearing your comfy home outfit, go for a sweater dress!!!

How are you handling this Monday? I just came back from Berlin, so stay tuned for an update about that one!

Wishing you a fantastic start of the week!



Awesome office accessory: Casio databank watch


Yes, I did it, I did it, I did it!!! I’ve had my eyes on this Casio databank watch for a while now and I finally ordered it! I think it is the coolest office accessory, as a watch is pretty essential (for meetings and that kind of stuff) and this one has that amazing retro feel which will definitely stand out.

I’m not really the accessories kind of girl in general, but I think me and this puppy will get along just fine. I simply love it and can’t wait untill it arrives.

To be continued…

How do you feel about watches as accessories? Do you think they should be just practical or really stand out and add something to your outfit? Let me know your thoughts!

Wishing you a beautiful day!