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Long live the queen!


Yaaaayyy today is Queensday in the Netherlands! This is the day we celebrate the (old) queens birthday and it is always a great party through the whole country. If you haven’t experienced this, you definitely have to one day as it is awesomely awesome! Especially in Amsterdam, it seems like the whole country comes down to parthey! Even Doutzen Kroes travels back to Holland every year for Q-day. Below a picture as an atmosphere impression:

As you might notice a lot of people are wearing orange. Next to the red, white and blue of the Dutch flag this is also a national color. Also it happens to be one of my favorite fizz-it-up colors. You can have an all black or grey outfit and add just a touch of orange (for instance a ring or nail polish) and vavavoom! The whole outfit brightens up and even people who don’t like orange, because they think it’s just not their color, can use it in this way. Below I collected a few orange items which are really cool and would definitely “unbore” an otherwise basic outfit.

Note 1: Orange is not one color, it is a whole range that goes from light peach to bright fluorescent orange. If you think one tone doesn’t suit you, try a bit brighter or paler. I’m sure there’s an orange for everyone;).

Note 2: A GREAT thing about Q-day, next to the parties, is that everyone sells their stuff which they don’t need anymore on the streets. This means THE greatest vintage finds! I will be kicking myself out of bed at 8 (AM! on a day off) to check out if I can find some cool stuff. I’ll keep you posted about this.

Peace to the Queen! Ivana

The beautiful Ilanka from made a combo which is by itself gorgeous, but the bright orange nailpolish is the true finishing touch (in my opinion)! Click on the picture to enlarge it

Ejoooo Captain Jack!


Bring me back to the railroad track! Tininininininininini We arreee running through the railroad track all along with Captain Jack!

Ok enough.

Although I get sweet memories from that song LOL:D.

Anyway this song totally comes up in my head every time I read another article/blog raving about the current military trend. I totally love combo’s where male items are cut out in female shapes, so they’re feminine but still have an edge (LOL fuzzy descriptions like that are sooo not me). Anyway I hope you get my point:).

Items with a military edge are very suitable if you are not really down with the girly girly items, but you can’t wear baggy jeans with a t-shirt to your work. So just pick a rugged military item and go for the rough look with some black skinnies and gladiator heels (also military items in the old ages). Now go kick some deadlines!

Peace above all! Ivana

Blogging makes you greedy!


Oh man, browsing all those online stores for pictures makes you sooooo greedy! I want it all!! I want to shop all day and all night long! It’s crazy but sometimes there’s just an urge you can’t resist. Especially after I’ve seen 20 things I like and cliked them away, the 21st thing gets me to crack (LOL, I sound ready for a mental hospital).

Sooo last weekend I ordered these two things at H&

H&M powder beige coat

And H&M big sleeves black dress

The dress should be in next week and the coat half May. As H&M is really slow on delivery’s I will add two weeks to both of these dates;).

I will definitely update when the order arrives, and I’m shopping urge safe for now. Let’s hope it lasts!

Peace in tha pocket! Ivana

Gotta shake it off!


Whoohooo spring is in the air and I can almost smell the warm summer days and nights (yes they have a particular smell) approaching! Oh man I am so longing for the sun, as the winter here in the Netherlands was like hell freezing over! It probably must be a lot worse for people living in the Scandinavian countries or in Alaska, but us weak Dutchies are not used to tons and tons of snow, over and over again, and temperatures of minus 20 degrees. Our Viking ancestors must thinks we are the biggest wussies E-VAH (and make a big L on their forehead LOL)

Anyways as the warm days are approaching, there is also the dilemma of what to wear on a hot day and not be too naked at the office? Remember guideline #4?

Be careful with excessive nudeness.

I think short sleeves and thick straps are pretty safe options for the warmer periods of the year. Thin straps can be a bit tricky (depending on the combination) and personally I feel strapless is too nude and might look more appropriate with a cardigan (jeez I sound like my mum, but please see guideline #1). Also see through tops/blouses can be tricky, and probably always look better with a (tank) top underneath it. It all also depends on one magic gift to mankind, that might or might not be present in your office:

Air conditioning!

If you have air conditioning in the office for the warmer days I really recommend layering as it might be ‘birds falling out of trees’ hot outside and freezing inside. Layering is the perfect solution. But even if there is no air conditioning it might be handy to layer so if you feel something you’re wearing is inappropriate and you don’t feel comfortable, you can always cover it up.

Below you can find a few examples of combinations I think are lovely. (Wow I feel so UK-Engrish! I learned English from Beverly Hills 9020 and was punished by my Engrish teacher because she thought UK-Engrish was way better, now I’m just brainwashed and don’t care if it’s lift or elevator, Buyakasha!)

Anyway have a lovely spring/summer and spread the peace! Ivana

It’s a wrap!


I think the Burberry Prorsum show pictures were the most featured in all the last SS10 fashion show reports and no wonder! The items are abso-f-ing-lutely GORGEOUS!

Apart from the nude colors (which I will feature in a separate post), there’s also a new trend: wrap items. How convenient is that! This trend fits perfectly in a office environment and will definitely make you stand out.

Below a few items which I love, love, LOVE and fit perfectly in this trend(click on picture to see where they’re from in the URL). From the Burberry Prosum colletion I especially liked the trench Emma Watson is wearing in the campaign ad.

I found two jackets at and New that look a lot like it! Unfortunately my budget doesn’t allow me to make these puppy’s mine (buying a house is expensive!) but I hope I can make someone happy with a budget version of the original.

Love and peace! Ivana

Having it behind the elbows


After a couple of months working behind a desk I noticed that my elbows were getting really dry. I never used to have this as I always put on bodylotion in the morning after I shower, and that´s usually enough for the day. But all the leaning on my desk when I was working was seriously challenging my elbow look (you never notice it except when it’s icky). Well a couple of dry elbows, you would think who cares (and I did) ! Put a bit cream on it once in a while and sometimes just accept they’re dry. Oh well…

At one point we were supposed to take corporate pictures. That was cool and all and we even got help with our make up and from the photographer.

As there are only a few other people I trust with my face (apart from myself),  I did my own make up in the morning and asked for a touch up (helloo no risks with photo´s for public use!). At that point I saw a raised arm and there it was (shwing, shwing shwing): extremely dry elbows!

The horror! It looked so fugly I was in shock! That was definitely a Dr Oz moment that I needed to cream my elbows more often as I didn’t want them to end up looking like sand paper.

So if there’s any beauty product I would recommend you on your desk it is definitely hand cream, as you also probably don’t like an elephant skin on your elbows.

Currently I have one with aloe vera (can’t remember which brand, it’s in the office), but I used to use H2O (picture below) and that one is amazing! You just put it on, and your elbows are hydrated for a minimum of a half working day. I love that, as I’m way to lazy to cream my hands and elbows every half an hour (and helloo there is also work that needs to be done!). Also I would like to try Rosebud Salve so when I get it I will tell you my experiences with it.

Edit: I got a tip of the perfect remedy which is just next to my bed, but I completely forgot! Ringelblumen salbe (Marigold ointment) is like miracle stuff. You just put it on in the evening on all dry spots (hands, elbows, lips) and the next morning it’s totally soft again! Below pictures of it. The best part, next to the fact that it really works, is that it’s crazy cheap! I got this whole 250 ml pot for just 2 euro’s! Thanks for the tip again!

Take care of yourself. And each other.

Peace! Ivana

Length does matter!


Guideline #3: Pay attention to the length of your mini skirts and mini dresses.

This can be tricky as it is a matter of personal taste. I think the official going guideline is 20 cm above the knee max. As this can look different on long or short legs, I would say a length that enables you to pick up stuff from the floor and not make it look like you’re doing the “bend and snap” for your male colleagues:).

Seriously I adore mini skirts and dresses, as I’m a bit short and they make my legs look so much longer. Even though it’s not practical in the past I used to think whatevah, I’m just going to wear it anyway (hey who needs practical when you can look fashionable!)! And I still do, just a bit longer.

Seriously it’s not nice if you’re really busy and have to walk from one side of the office (we have a looong office) to the other and have to pull down your mini skirt/dress with every other step that you take. It ‘s just fannoying (not a typo) as hell! So one day I just got sick of it and decided to wear them a bit longer, so I could move around freely without having to worry about my tush peeping out the moment I‘m stressing about something that’s really important;).

Three tips for skirts or dresses you feel are too short:

- Try a size bigger! I find myself buying XL sweaters which I wear as a dress (with a belt in the waist) and it feels soooo comfortable (and it’s very cheap in sale;)).

- If you have a short tight dress / long sweater try a bodycon skirt peeping just a little bit underneath it, to create more length. You can do it in the same colour or in a contrast color, like red, to create a color block effect. It looks funny, different and you will feel comfortable (I will show you in a post how this looks, as I think it sounds a bit strange:)).

- Wear a longer cardigan to cover the bare legs from behind. See for example Leighton Meester:

Well I will leave you with a couple pictures of mini skirts/dresses which I think look awesome and fit perfectly into a corporate environment (the grey Asos skirt =*sigh, love*). Please click on the picture to see a bigger picture and where the item is from.

Peace! Ivana

Get, that, dirt off your shoulder (part 2)


As promised part two of the shoulder trends! In the first part I gave you a couple of examples of the puff sleeves version of this trend. In this post you can find items with shoulder details, which are great for making an ordinary office outfit a bit more fashionable!

Tips and tricks for shoulder detailed items:

- Try to combine shoulder details with ordinary pieces like pencil skirts and high waisted pants for a subtle fashionable office outfit.
- If you have big shoulders already and don’t want to emphasize that too much, try subtle shoulder details in the same color or try small details. Also you could try compensating your big shoulders with a detail in the hips (balloon skirt for instance) so you get the hourglass silhouette idea (two for the prize of one!)
- When using accessories be careful not to end up like a christmas tree, as shoulder details like chains can also function as accessories.
- It’s fun to combine a detail of the shoulder detail with a different item in your outfit, for instance a peach detail on the shoulder with a peach skirt.
- Obviously don’t cover the shoulders, so no blazer or cardigan.
- If you can’t find the detail which you would like this is easy to DIY! Just buy a simple long sleeve/tee/dress and some things you would like to attach (sequins, small rope, buttons, chains) and attach it in the pattern you would like. If it’s still too hard look for YouTube video’s for inspiration.

Of course below some items with shoulder details which may inspire you. This are really two easy trends to combine, so just have fun and try different combinations!

Peace! Ivana

OMFG! Look at that girls’ hubba hubba’s!


Oh man the cleavage topic! Before you read this post please read this disclaimer:

Please note that anything in this topic that might be offensive is not meant to offend anyone. It is just my personal opinion, just like you’re entitled to have yours:). Also the size of my cha cha’s don’t have any relation with my opinion in this topic.

Ok there we go; remember that I set up guideline #2? In case you forgot:

Go for a decent cleavage if you must have any cleavage at all…

With decent I mean just a slight hunch of the booby bunch (LOL). No showing off underwear!

Seriously I am no fan of any cleavage at all on the work floor, simply because I think it’s an unnecessary distraction. I mean if I like a woman can’t keep my eyes of a girls’ cleavage, how the hell is a man, who doesn’t have those magic eight balls, supposed to do that (note: I did not grow up between male wolves I’m just extremely honest:D)?

And before I get a hack attack from feministic fanatics placing a lot of cleavages on my blog, let me illustrate this point of view, as it doesn’t just apply to females.

When I was still in college we were supposed to have a lecture from a very known male speaker in a certain communication area. The teachers were very excited that he was coming, so we thought wow the dude must be really awesome. The day he was supposed to give the lecture I walked in class and seriously his pants were so tight I still have nightmares of a pair of socks! Anyway I didn’t hear one word of his story, because I was concentrating so hard to look at anything besides the big (or small? Idunno) pair of socks!

This is exactly the point when women wear cleavage. It is such an unnecessary distraction factor on the work floor, it’s just better and easier to cover it up a bit. At least if you have a relevant story you want the people in the room to hear. If you don’t believe me check MC’s picture below and check out what your eyes notice first.

As you might have noticed I just wrote about the practical disadvantage of a cleavage. There is nothing said about the respect a women with cleavage gets from other people (note: I did not mention just men). This is a whole different story which I refuse to get into (for now at least). All I can say about that is how would you feel about your boss wearing a V neck with his chest hair popping out of it:)?

Have a wonderful week!

Peace! Ivana

(Picture from

Get, that, dirt off your shoulder


If you’re feeling like a pimp, go and brush your shoulders off! Gotta love Jay-Z;). The shoulder trends which are still hot this season are a great relief after a pretty boring season before in fashionland (about 1.5 year ago). It all started with the Balmain show last year, where the big shoulders were (re)introduced.

Kim Kardashian with the Balmain blazer (picture from

Beyonce wearing Balmain blazer (picture from

There are two shoulder trends this season which I particularly like and which are very suitable for pimpin’ your outfit for the office:

- Puffed sleeves
- Shoulder details

Below you can find a couple of examples of puffed sleeves items which I really love and might inspire you (Items are from H&M, and Topshop, check picture url for source). I will make a follow up post with shoulder details items and a couple of tips and tricks how to combine these items for the office.

Peace! Ivana