origami pencil skirt -  € 44.78

Now when you start working in a corporate environment there are a few essential office wear pieces you need in your closet, in order to always look professional. A pencil skirt is definitely one of those pieces. Now a simple grey, blue of black pencil skirt will serve you well as you simply need these basics. Once you get past that, you can also start looking for a bit more outspoken models. Today some suggestions for this latter category! tailored high waist seamed ponti pencil skirt -  € 31.72 Vila highwaisted pencil skirt – € 34.95 something else zip pockets pencil skirt -  €98,- (I know crazy expensive, but I love this one and had to show you :D !) spot tailored pencil skirt -  € 44.78 high waisted pencil skirt with buttons -  € 49.95

Now I love pencil skirts as they define your waist and accentuate your hips in a beautiful way. Also they’re ususally so easy to combine, just wear a blouse on top and some pretty shoes and you look professional. I do prefer the jersey version over the cotton version, as it just gives more comfort. Cotton is usually pretty tight.

One tip when buying a pencil skirt: make sure it’s not too tight at the waist, if you’re doubting: go for the bigger size. You can always cinch it a bit with a belt at the waist area. There are two reasons why you should prefer this:

  • If the waist is too tight you’re bound to have a muffin roll (even the skinniest person), which is just fugly and unprofessional. You really shouldn’t want that.
  • If the waist is too tight, during long meetings the waist will “cut” into your belly which is very, very uncomfortable and can even make you feel dizzy or nauseous.

I’m thinking of making this a series of posts, as there are just some essential office wear pieces every professional should have in her closet. I had a bit trouble figuring out which pieces come in handy when I just started working, but I’m pretty confident I can make a list of the office wear basic pieces in my sleep by now ;) .

I hope you like it and if you have any suggestions let me know in the comments!

Basic peace(s)! Ivana

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