Bring me back to the railroad track! Tininininininininini We arreee running through the railroad track all along with Captain Jack!

Ok enough.

Although I get sweet memories from that song LOL:D.

Anyway this song totally comes up in my head every time I read another article/blog raving about the current military trend. I totally love combo’s where male items are cut out in female shapes, so they’re feminine but still have an edge (LOL fuzzy descriptions like that are sooo not me). Anyway I hope you get my point:).

Items with a military edge are very suitable if you are not really down with the girly girly items, but you can’t wear baggy jeans with a t-shirt to your work. So just pick a rugged military item and go for the rough look with some black skinnies and gladiator heels (also military items in the old ages). Now go kick some deadlines!

Peace above all! Ivana