I have to make a confession: I’m the ultimate cheapo queen.

You might have noticed this in the items that I pick for my posts: there are almost never any designer items featured. The reason? Well because there’s no chance in hell that in this phase of my lifeĀ  I will be spending thousands and thousands of munnys on one item. It would be just crazy, and I prefer a roof over my head. Let’s be honest how many people you know are able to fill their closet with designers items?

Not any I know and therefore I just like to keep things realistic. Designer items that I feature or celebs with designer items are just inspirational and most of the time I try to include an affordable item that fits the trend or looks like it.

Of course designer items are better crafted than cheaper items and often have very high quality fabrics. The only paradox that I don’t believe in is that you can’t find that with cheap items.

As you can read in the about section I had a period in my life when I was label loving. Now definitely no Chanel, Dior or Chloe (‘My sweet 16′ parents are rare), but the items were expensive enough to give me a taste. And you know what? I was very often dissappointed.

Quality jeans material is great, but real cotton streches after a wear or maybe two and it’s just sucky that you can’t wear those jeans anymore because they look like diaper pants. Although those are really hot at the moment, it’s just not the purpose of a tight fit jeans that you paid good money for.

Also the *timeless items* label is very often used as an excuse for expensive items. Now this is a serious paradox in the fashion industry as every season has at least 10 new trends. Usually a *timeless item* means you’re going to be able to wear it again in like 20 years. Great if you can wait, but I like to keep things up to date:).

I’m even that strict for myself that I refuse to buy items that are over 30 euro’s. *OMFG, what did she say?*. Yes seriously, almost anything that you will see in my outfit of the day pics is under 30 euro. There are two reasons for this:

- I’m easily bored with items. I wear them once and after that we’ll see if I’m in the mood. Cheap items are perfect for easily bored persons.

- As an addition to the previous point: a work week has 5 days. I don’t like to wear the same item in the same week. Cheap items enable me to keep up this custom.

- I’m clumsy like hell! With cheap items I don’t have to get mad or sad when I throw stuff over myself once again.

Now the whole point of this story is not that I think designers items suck or you shouldn’t buy them. Hey when that phase in my life hits (and believe me it will) that I’m able to buy real designer items, without having to sell my liver, I definitely will. I just often feel cheap items are generally underappreciated while it doesn’t take a lot of money to look fashionable.

As I said in my very first post: real fashion lies in the power of combiminations. This can be with sheep items or with expensive, and even better all combined with each other.

Below some items that are under 30 euro and which I think are great for some corporate fashion looks.

I thought about doing this every week on Monday as it’s the best day to do some comfort shopping:D. So every Monday some items under 30 euro’s? What do you think?

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Peace to my sheep! Ivana