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Some people deserve everyone’s time


I came across this video from Steve Jobs recently when I was on vacation. I just learned that he passed away and the blog I found it on highly recommended watching this video. I started watching, but the sound was all bad on my headphones and I had 2 choices: 1 watch it anyway and miss half of it or 2 save it and watch it when I could pay full attention to it.

If this was anyone else I’d choose 1, because I’m impatient as hell. But this just isn’t someone. This is a man who was respected by fans and enemy’s. Who’d given THE most epic speeches of this century and most importantly simply changed our whole Western society with his love for what he did. This man deserved my full attention.

I just finished watched it, quetly in my new house and all by myself. Every single word of this video is brilliant. It is pure soulfood.

For anyone and everyone who cares about something, it is worthwhile spending your full attention to every word and move he makes in this video. If there’s anything good you want to do for yourself today, I reccomend you to watch this video. I promise it will be worth it.

Much love to Steve Jobs and his family. Some people just deserve everyone’s time and he definitely was one of them.


Book recommendation: The 4 hour workweek



This book was recommended to me a while ago by my friend Claudia and last weekend also by my other friend Mascha, who was also was raving about it. I’m so happy I could borrow it, because I’ve just read 60 pages and it’s already changing my life!

Ferriss writes down very easily and practically how you can become more effective, up to a point where you would actually do twice the work in half the time. Sounds too good to be true? Well for some people it will be, as it all depends on your state of mind and how far you’re willing to go.

Whatever you want to do I can guarantee you that it will improve your working life.

Therefore just read it!

If you want to do something good for yourself today go to your bookstore in your lunchbreak, or during the weekend and get it, or even better order it online. You can thank me later, just like I will thank my friends for recommending it.

Enjoy your day!





Fashion blogger inspiration: loving


Note: This inspirational series of my favorite fashion bloggers is the off spring of my personal frustration, being a bit tired dealing with corporate dressing restraints for a while now. Therefore during this week I’m showcasing my 4 all time favorite fashion bloggers, drawing inspiration for creative office outfits. It is meant to inspire you and me when we feel we can’t wear whatever we want to the office and spin it in a positive way.

I’ve only discovered her blog recently, but it was love at first sight when I saw fashion blogger Dulce’s style! She features a lot of her daily outfits on her blog and they’re all super feminine, with a lot of colors and most importantly gorgeous heels. Her style is very girly-girly, but she does always manage to surprise me with unexpected combo’s like massive color blocking or the preppy outfit on top. That’s exactly the reason why I picked this outfit as my favorite (a very hard time picking just one!). When I saw this outfit I was like wow that’s so different, yet it’s perfectly Candy’s style. I simply love it and decided to pick that outfit for inspiration. So the next step was to take this inspiration and transform it into a corporate office appropriate outfit. I must admit it was a bit easier than with the previous outfits I picked from my favorite fashion bloggers, as it was already preppy. Nevertheless I love different styles and this is what I came up with:

1 Asos 7/8 tailored slim leg trousers
2 Mango shirt
3 Asos leather and tartan waist belt
4 Ted Baker Tayba gold and black short striking statement necklace
5 New Look platform loafer heels

The reason why I don’t ever want to settle for one style is because every fashion season brings new and exciting items. Also fashion bloggers can make me crave for something completely out of my comfort zone and that’s exactly what the top outfit of Dulce did for me! Preppy has never been a style I like too much, but I love it in this way. Picking a blue pencil skirt and blue checked shirt would have been just too obvious and that’s why I went for the trousers and the checked belt. Me likes!

Hope you feel inspired as well and feel like playing around with your regular style. Stepping out of the ordinary is so much fun, just try it.

Wishing you a  beautiful day!



Office wear pick of the day: warm wilderness


River Island Zippy snakeskin cardigan – € 44.86

As the weather has been horrifying in the Netherlands the last couple of days (rain, wind and grey skies!), the only thing I want to do is to cuddle up on the couch with a big fluffy blanket and tea. Unfortunately the office calls again and I will have to take care of just being warm enough over there. As I’m still a big time sucker for the animal print trend of this summer I would love, love, love to wear this cardigan on top of simple black trousers and some comfy flats. It would definitely keep me warm with a long sleeve underneath and still give me the feeling there’s still some hope the sun will come out ever again…

I’m starting work again today, after a vacation of a week. That will take some starting up skills, so wish me luck!

Hope you have an amazing day!



Making it happen in life: Berlin here I come!


After booking a trip to Lisbon and working on my life goals list, I now also booked a trip to Berlin in August with my brother!  This city has always fascinated me because 1: I am a big time history geek with a great interest in World War II and 2: I’ve heard and read so many amazing stories about the special atmosphere and energy of Berlin.

My brother and me already wanted to go to Berlin earlier this year, but then we changed our mind and wanted to go to either Sziget (been there before, very cool festival) or a big party vacation. He did go to Berlin to visit a friend, but I didn’t. Trying to book a vacation, we were looking and looking but just couldn’t find something right. And then the idea of Berlin popped up again, because I am so curious to see it with my own eyes, and my brother loved seeing the city again as well.

And now we’re set to go at the beginning of August. We definitely want to see all the cool historical places, but also just stroll around the city and go out to one of the best clubs in the world. If you have any special recommendations I would love to hear them in the comments!

Visting Berlin is another goal to check off my life goals list and it feels so good! Making that list really helped to focus on the things I really would want to see and achieve in life. Just by making it it is constantly on my mind, making me think about my goals and working on them.

Such a good feeling at the start of a new week, with the smell of fresh opportunities!

Have a great week!



Coming home to Amsterdam


If you follow me on Twitter you know this already: I’m living in Amsterdam again!!!

After being “homeless” for 6 months an amazing opportunity came up and the rest of the summer I am living in one of the coolest neighbourhoods in Amsterdam: de Jordaan. Next to being really relieved and having my own place again this location is truly a dream come true, as I’ve always wanted to live here. I have my angel Clau to thank for this as she hooked me up with friend of hers and made this posisble. Clau you have a big +1 on your karma girl!

If you have ever been in a position that you had to start all over, you know what a relief it is to not have to depend on other people anymore for a roof over your head. And this might sound a little bit dramatic, but again if you have ever experienced it you know it is horrible.

Of course I stayed in a safe place with my parents the past few months, but it’s still not something I can call my own and do whatever I want. Nevertheless I am insanely grateful having my parents and being able to depend on them no matter what (literally!). So a BIG THANK you to my mom and dad for being there for me when I needed them the most (I know my mom reads my blog).

Finally you might be wondering why I went through all this trouble and didn’t just get a place in another city, where it’s much easier to find something. It’s simple…Next to the fact that I work there, I am completely, madly, deeply, truly in love with Amsterdam. Waking up every morning in a city with amazing people, gorgeous buildings and fantastic energy is just priceless. So there was simply no other option.

Of course the current solution is temporary for this summer, but I have an amazing opportunity for afterwards as well. I just have my fingers crossed (literally every finger on my body, even my toes!) it comes true.

For now I’m just very happy and relieved and will be enjoying Amsterdam to the fullest through this summer.

Wishing you an amazing weekend!



4 must do’s for giving a fail proof presentation: short series summary


In the past two weeks I revealed my 4 must do’s for giving a fail proof presentation. Because the original piece got too long, I split it up in 4 posts. Therefore I wanted to do this summary post, so you have everthing in one place. Next to that I promised an extra tip for rocking a presentation.

So here are my 4 must do’s for a fail proof presentation:

1 Preparing
There’s no way you can give a good presentation without some kind of preparation.

2 Make your own story
The easiest way to give a presentation, which will sound credible,  is to tell it in your own words.

3 Rehearsing
Rehearsing is often forgotten, but essential for a professional presentation.

4 Love what you’re telling
The worst presentations are the ones where the person giving the presentation is already bored with what he/she is telling. Making some kind of effort to sound enthousiastic about what you’re telling is worth gold, and will be the icing on the cake of your presentation.

As a final tip I would recommend you to take every presentation you will ever give seriously.
Of course there are very important and less important presentations, but every one of them has an impact on how people perceive your results and will value your work. So think really closely about the importance of the presentation you’re about to give, as it’s very embarassing to find out your boss thought it was really important and you didn’t.

Hope this was useful! If you have any questions or comments please let me know in the comments.

Wishing you a great day!



Short series: 4 must do’s for giving a fail proof presentation


After my last post, sharing one of my ambitions to give a good presentation, I thought it would be very useful to share my insights and learnings on how to give a fail proof presentation.

Working on this ambition ever since high school, failing big time with a huge black out, and coming back slowly I definitely know the must do’s for giving a decent presentation.

In the last two posts I discussed preparing as my all time number 1 must do for giving a fail proof presentation and making your own story as the second. Today I’m discussing the third one which is rehearsing.

Rehearsing is actually always part of a good preparation. Artists don’t do it for nothing, as there’s simply no room for failing when you’re on the stage.  If you want to get really good at presenting, or simply give a fail proof presentation, rehearsing is an essential part of the process. I’m actually really amazed how often this part of the process is forgotten, while it makes a huge difference.

Rehearsing can be as light as telling the whole story in your head a couple of times on your way to the presentation (if it’s a less important presentation) up to very hardcore rehearsing by telling the whole story out loud a couple of times.

The hard core rehearsing is a brilliant way to make yourself very comfortable with giving the presentation. Even if it’s just out loud in a room where you’re alone, it helps to straighten your thoughts completely. It’s even better to rehearse it in front of a friend or family member who can give you feedback. If you’re serious about giving good presentations this is a must do in order to get better.

My biggest stumble, when giving a presentation, is the intro. It’s supposed to be so easy, but let me tell you that simply saying hi and messing up there can make you feel very bad for the rest of the presentation. Therefore I always rehearse some kind of intro, either in my head or out loud (when it’s really important). It gives me a comfortable feeling at the start as that’s the moment I’m most nervous.

And just like writing down the whole story, rehearsing the whole presentation a couple of times out loud is my golden tip if you have stage fright! I did this a couple of times, even when nobody was around to hear me, and it made a huge difference when I did the presentation for real. It really amazes me every time how a presentation can sound so logical in my head, to only find out there’s still a lot of fine tuning to do when I say it out loud.

It always feels very strange at the start, after all talking into nothing isn’t something I usually do, but doing it a couple of times makes me feel insanely comfortable when having to give the presentation in front of other people.

If you have never tried rehearsing I definitely recommend you to try it as it will improve your presentation for sure. I never believed it before I tried it myself, but in my experience it is very valuable and worthwhile when failing is simply no option.

Hope this was useful again and stay tuned for the next post in this series!

Have a good one!



Super summer accessories for the office: watches



Even though we sometimes dream of being off for weeks during summer, just like when we went to college, the reality is most of us will still have to be at the office during most of the summer. In order to make this very fun and to get us all in the sunny summer mood I decided a count down to the official start of summer would be perfect!

And there’s no better way to do this than with super cute summer accessories. These little details can spice up your summer outfit from simple fun to super fun! In this super summer accessories for the office series I went looking for summer accessories which I find absolute musts for summer 2011!

Today that would be watches!


1 Michael Kos MK5297 bracelet watch
2 Marc by Marc Jacobs watch
Michael Kors Tortoiseshell Multi-Function bracelet watch
Diesel Turquoise & Grey Bloods watch
Casio Classic orange watch


Watches are perfect accessories which can take a nice basic outfit to a perfect and fun summer outfit. Whether you go for a classic neutral white or a fun screaming bold color they all bring sunlight into your whole appearance. This summer the animal print is basically printed on anything and watches are no exception to that. So if you want to make the sun in your outfit a bit wilder go for that one!

One thing which I find very important when picking a watch is that it has to be able to match with everything. I just hate switching watches a lot, so a neutral white or a bold neon color would be great. I also love the classic Casio watches and have been eyeing those for a while now. As soon as my shopping restraints (post about that one coming up soon!) are lifted I’m going to look for a cool watch.

Wishing you an awesome day!