With the whole summer ahead of us, there of course must be some warm days (I’m a bit pessimistic after the cold Q-day:)) and I can imagine you wanting some air for your feet. Some comfortable shoes, so you can wiggle your toes around. You know what I’m talkin’ about: Sandals!

As Havaiana / Birkenstock type of slippers (in my opinion) are really not appropriate in any office, sandals are the perfect summer wear, which will give you that instant summer feeling and comfort. Next to that there are so many cool and gorgeous models out there, there must be something that will perfectly fit your style.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re wearing sandals to the office:

- Footcare is a must! This also goes for outside of the office, but it is even more important in the office! So, no dry heels (Marigold ointment helps) and definitely no chipped nail polish (brrrr, the horror). If you’re not going to do this, please just put on some closed flats or heels.

- Please, please, please buy the right size! I see so many women walking around on flat sandals with their heel hanging out of the back of the sandal:(. The thing is, especially with flat sandals, it’s better to buy one size bigger. Your regular size will probably be just right, but because of the warmth and the sweat your feet will be swollen and gliding, so it’s almost 100% sure the heel will be hanging out of the back. It seriously doesn’t look good and there always should be a little ledge on the back.

- If you have the wrap version, with ropes that you can wrap around your ankle, start at the back with tying. This will provide much more support than when you start at the front (and enables you to walk faster :) ).

- High glatiator sandals might not be the best idea

Below are some great models for inspiration, but usually in this season they’re everywhere! There definitely shouldn’t be no reson for you not to find the perfect pair. Have fun and wiggle those toes around;).

Peace! Ivana