Yaaaayyy today is Queensday in the Netherlands! This is the day we celebrate the (old) queens birthday and it is always a great party through the whole country. If you haven’t experienced this, you definitely have to one day as it is awesomely awesome! Especially in Amsterdam, it seems like the whole country comes down to parthey! Even Doutzen Kroes travels back to Holland every year for Q-day. Below a picture as an atmosphere impression:

As you might notice a lot of people are wearing orange. Next to the red, white and blue of the Dutch flag this is also a national color. Also it happens to be one of my favorite fizz-it-up colors. You can have an all black or grey outfit and add just a touch of orange (for instance a ring or nail polish) and vavavoom! The whole outfit brightens up and even people who don’t like orange, because they think it’s just not their color, can use it in this way. Below I collected a few orange items which are really cool and would definitely “unbore” an otherwise basic outfit.

Note 1: Orange is not one color, it is a whole range that goes from light peach to bright fluorescent orange. If you think one tone doesn’t suit you, try a bit brighter or paler. I’m sure there’s an orange for everyone;).

Note 2: A GREAT thing about Q-day, next to the parties, is that everyone sells their stuff which they don’t need anymore on the streets. This means THE greatest vintage finds! I will be kicking myself out of bed at 8 (AM! on a day off) to check out if I can find some cool stuff. I’ll keep you posted about this.

Peace to the Queen! Ivana

The beautiful Ilanka from fashion-nerdic.blogspot.com made a combo which is by itself gorgeous, but the bright orange nailpolish is the true finishing touch (in my opinion)! Click on the picture to enlarge it