The most easy way to spice up your outfit is to simply use some colors. Even if you add just one colorful item to your outfit, it will look more fresh. So today I thought it would be cool to show some really colorful outfits, and also with colors of which most people would say “ehm… do those match?”. Yup they do:D!

I hope you got an idea that colors which usually don’t match, in a good combo can look great with each other! Just experiment around for a bit with red and yellow, blue and red, blue and purple, or some other crazy colors of which you would never think they would look good together. Who knows what you might come up with and it’s fun to do anyway (if it sucks you can laugh really hard:D)!

Thanks for reading and please don’t hesitate to let me know what you think of crazy color combo’s in the comments!

Have a great Sunday!

Colorful peace! Ivana

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