Ever since the royal wedding I have my eyes on the outfits of Kate Middleton. She wears the most beautiful dresses and always looks fierce (like Tyra would say ;) ). I especially love it how she can effortlessly pull off bright jewel tones, next to the safe nude colors. She always looks fashionable and fresh. Inspired by the top outfits I decided to create my own “Kate Middleton-esque” outfit and this is what I would do:

1 Asos WHITE crepe dress with dolman sleeves
Asos Polly leather court shoe

Dresses with nice heels are Kate’s signiture look and that’s actually the most brilliant and easy look for a corporate outfit as well. Nothing easier than pulling out a dress in the morning, while you’re half sleeping, and finishing it off with nice heels. This all without compromising your look, because it will still look complete.

If you want to wear jewel tones in the office the “Kate Middleton-esque” way, combine it with nude/neutral colors and your outfit is done!

Hope you feel just as inspired as I to rock this easy, but gorgeous and lady like, look!

Wishing you an amazing day!