This picture describes exactly how I feel right now: bigger, higher, crazier, faster, I want it all and I want it now:D! When you start working after college you have to get acquainted with a whole new world where you’re kind of a baby, again (yeah sucks badly). But when you find some kind of way, you also realize you are still very young and the beautiful part of that? You can do ANYTHING you like:D! Great feeling when that thought kicks in;).

So these are some picchures of an outfit which makes me really happy (the blue and the yellow, oh myyy!) and while I was really sad on the day these pictures were made (hey sometimes the emo blanket comes your way for no particular reason, it’s what makes you hoeman and not a Stepford wife;)) looking back on them (Monday evening as I’m writing this) they’ve got a whole new perspective.

Today (Monday) was a Good day (with a capital G;)) and now I can smell the air of opportunities! It’s out there and waiting for me…What it is? I don’t know, I just know it’s DAMN good and it’s mine!

Hope you find your way through today and see the sun come up! Thanks for reading and if you have any dreams you’d like to share take your stage at the comments.

Peace & dreams rockin’ my world! Ivana

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