Clay-ton’s my hero


Well actually no, as I wrote earlier Kratos is my hero:). This is just the name of the new Catrice nailpolish that I bought yesterday when I was hunting down the Catrice ‘From dusk to dawn’ nailpolish. No I didn’t find it (sold out again, damn you nail polish!)

What I did find is another brownish/green, clay color nude nailpolish which I lovey dovey too:D.

Here are some pics of it:

As you can see on the last picture there’s also a bit of a gold shimmer in it but you don’t really see that on your nails. It doesn’t matter as I think it would downgrade the color anyway.

Very cool for the office and I’m wearing it tomorrow!

Oeeeehhhh a great tip I read at, try Google translate if you don’t speak Dutch): Keep your nails short as  your nailpolish will longer stay pretty, and won’t chip as easily as with long nails. Seremously I had them really short last week and put on my nailpolish on Sunday. It first started to chip on Thursday, which is the awesomest performance I E-VAH got from a nailpolish. It wasn’t the greatest nailpolish, so I definitely think it were the short nails. As I never do my nails on weekdays this is purrrfuct:D.

Have a great Sunday (what’s left of it;))and I wish you peace! Ivana

Leave your straps at home


As I wrote in the “Gotta shake it off” post, you should be careful with excessive nudeness as the warm days are approaching. I also mentioned that strapless tops/dresses in my opinion are just too nude for the office. By itself.

It certainly doesn’t mean you have to ban your strapless tops/dresses to the weekends (now that would just be a waste:D).

Strapless items are perfect to wear with a cardigan or a blazer and look really good in that way. Fashion is all about the combiminations, and this is exactly what you should do with strapless items.

In the Q-day post I showed you an outfit which was actually with a strapless top:

Now this was a casual outfit of mine, but if you just change the tregging for normal pants it’s a fine fashionable outfit for the office (if I may say so myself LOL). Now you wouldn’t need to do that in our office, but other environments are more strict with jeans (note to self: jeans post).

Also wearing the strapless items doesn’t just have to be limited to summer. Layer them with cardigans and blazers in the winters to use your wardrobe in the  most effective way.

Below more examples of strapless items worn in a covered way that is suitable for the office.

Peace and enjoy your summer! Ivana

Just dance


First things first: the perfect song for reading this post :D .

A lot of people through the past years have asked me “why are you so dressed up? Are you going to a party? As a matter of fact I am!

To enjoy my life!

There’s a crazy mentality you should just act normal and that’s crazy enough. If you do something that stands out you will get questions just like the one that I mentioned above. The thing is being normal or average is boring. And why  would you want that, if there are so many cool and wonderful things in this world that you could do and experience?

In my opinion dressing up every day and taking the time to look good, is one of those easy things that you can do to make your life fun. 90% of the time I wear heels, dresses or skirts, full make up and I do my hair. Why?

Because I like looking pretty (and you never know who you’re going to run into LOL). It doesn’t have much to do with not being confident, as I can just as easily go outside with my sweat pants and no make up ( and I also do this if I feel like it). It’s just that the most of the time it makes me happy looking in a mirror and seeing me with pretty clothes and make up on. Why in heavens name wouldn’t you want to have that feeling of being pretty and dressed up every day?

I’m not saying that you should wear heels every day or go to your work in a prom dress. You can look very good and dressed up  in jeans and cool sneakers as they make a great outfit as well. The point of this story is that if you want to be normal that’s fine, but why is it so strange  wanting to look good every day?

In my opinion if you feel good in something you’re wearing, you’re never overdressed (ok pls don’t wear your prom dress to work now haha). You should just be able to wear it and make every day a party.

In southern countries like Italy and Spain, and also my home country, it is completely normal women are all dressed up, so I think we should all take them as an example and make every day a party!

Below I assembled a couple of pictures of celebs whose outfits are perfect for making a working day a party (even without much hassle!).

Peace and party up! Ivana


Brand new


Yaaaaaaayyyyy I got a new cam for my birthday!!! Well actually my birthday is on 12 May, but the cutest BF in the world wanted to give it to me already so I can use it for my blog *melting of joy*.

This is the unwrapping pic (the wrapping paper is our wall paper in the bedroom hihi)

And tadaaaaaa

I have already been testing it and you can expect a lot of outfit pics! Not only from me, but also from my colleagues as there are a bunch of fashionistas walking around in our office:D. In the picture above already a sneak peek of an outfit pic which I will post soon.

Also a post about leather jackets is coming soon, as I have been waiting for my cam to take a picture of a leather jacket of my colleague which is very very pretty. So stay tuned on!

Peace up! Ivana

PS: Have you noticed my Twitter updates in the right corner? That’s right, I will try to post more outfit pics on Twitter. I can make this pictures really fast in the morning and they don’t have to be that fancy as the pictures for a post (and also my sleepy head won’t be on it haha)

Ring ding dong


Ringedingdingdingdong (LOL I was actually thinking of the Dr. Dre song, but came across this one and it’s way better:P!)

Mise loves rings. They are one of the most cool accessories this season (next to statement necklaces) and I adore them.

Why? You know the feeling that you’re looking at a girls outfit (yeah I’m always looking what other people are wearing) and you’re looking like, uh huh, uh huh that looks ok and then BAM! Wauw, cool, awesome! The outfit has an awesome detail, which totally finishes it and takes it from OK to absolutely cool.

Rings can do that, I tell you:). They make such a cool detail. Even if you have the simplest of outfits and add a cool ring (or two or three, if they’re simple) and it’s already fashionable. I would even dare to say it pimps up a gray suit.

The thing with rings is (just like with the nude colors) you can’t do much wrong. Even the most crazy examples will look good because it’s a small detail which is just the cherry, not the sundae.

Below some(a lot! I couldn’t make up my mind!) cool examples that I found online (click on the picture to see where they’re from) and a picture of my examples. And remember what Beyonce says: “If you like it you should put a ring on it” (ok she didn’t exactly say that, but it does sound coolXD)

Ring the peace! Ivana

Edit: Finally found my rings stash and even bought a new one in the meanwhile:D.

- Rose ring and the pearl ring are from H&M
- The pink stones is from Primark.
- The big white round ring is from Hong Kong
- The black ring is from HEMA
- The mint pearls ring is from Kruidvat
- The green leafs ring is from Six
- The blue bell ring is from Ocean park in Hong Kong

EDIT: My colleague F. got an amazing ring for her B-day and as she was showing it I also saw other great rings she had on her hand:

Very cool black cocktail ring! Will look great as it pimps up any outfit.

Gorgeous chain ring! It’s actually really loose when she took it off so it’s a real chain ring. Also love the match with the other ring behind it.

With the bare booty


In Dutch we have an expression when you have to face something: going with your bare booty. And that’s exactly what I’m doing today.

I’ve been postponing a real corporate outfit pic because I’m really new to this blogging thing, and it makes you really wonder how much you actually expose yourself. If you put yourself out there, you’re basically an open target to everyone’s opinion. Now this might come as a bit of a DUH idea, as you do the same when you walk on the street. But that’s not true.

When I walk on the street I don’t look if other people are looking (even if I wanted to, I can’t because I refuse to wear my glasses and am practically blind as a mole). I’m just doing my thing, minding my own business and if someones looking  well buyakasha as I can’t see it anyway:D.

You can’t do this on a blog, and neither in a corporate environment. Here’s why:

When you start blogging about a topic you’re basically saying: hey I really have something to tell about this topic and if you do so, you better have some back up creds to proove it. Otherwise no one will believe you. So if you’re thinking of starting a fashion or a beauty blog for instance you’re really bound to post some pictures  which can display your skills. Hell no I would ever take fashion advice from someone who I haven’t seen in a couple of outfits (magazines don’t count, as they’re really designer oriented and designers might just know what they’re doing:D). At that point (when you start giving cred pics) you’re open for discussion and you can either perform or just quit.

The same goes when you’re getting dressed to meet a client. You really need to showcase your professionalism by dressing properly (I’m washing my mouth now, icky word) and showing you understand what your client expects in order to win his trust. You dressing in a certain way is part of that. Your look is the first impression which will enable you to show your professionalism and give you a heads up of showing what you can do.

Wow man that was so deep!

Now without no further delay: My first outfit pics (they’re a bit small due to the template, but if you clik on them and click on them again you’ll get a bigger picture)

I’m wearing a Zara dress and a long cardigan, tights from H&M and shoes from Van Haren.

This is an outfit from a week ago and remember what I told you in the short skirts and dresses post?: when you feel a dress/skirt is too short, wear a long cardigan over it so your booty is always covered. So that’s what I did here:) (also the nude colors, but I already wrote about that yesterday).

I think I will be posting an outfit every week as I’m seriously not photogenic (I alway look MAD) and need a 100 frames to take a decent picture.

So hope you like it and peace to the booty! Ivana

I’m gonna get naked and take a shoooweerr


This quote is from one of the most awesomest comedians around these days; Pablo Francisco

Ok after this moment of joy for the day (seriously this dude is sooo awesomly funny, you should always watch him when you’re grumpy) let’s talk about one of the serious topics of life: nude colors:).

Nude colors are the light basic colors like grey, beige, white, pale pink, tan etc. They’re called like that because they’re actually backgroud colors, which are there, but are not flashy (like nude make up, where you have a bunch of make up on but it’s not really visible).

Yesterday I already said that when the nude colors trend came up I was very critical, not thinking I would ever consider wearing nude colors (‘BOOOORRIIINGGG’). But you gotta love persevering fashion desgners that keep coming up with the same thing season after season, untill they get through to everyone’s head that it’s really pretty.

Nude colors are such a trend. I think they have been re-introduced, season after season, in the past three years at least. And here’s the confession: You got me! The reason I cracked is the following.

I love to combine unusual colors in an outfit, like for instance blue/yellow, red/green or purple/orange. For some people this looks strange, but I take joy in colors making each other more powerful right because they don’t match. Anyways, this is not always something you can wear to work, simply because most people aren’t fashion oriented and will think you have an accute case of color-blindness. Like I wrote in the guidelines posts this does matter in a corporate environment.

Nude colors on the other hand make it possible to combine all kinds of different colors, but it never looks really strange as the colors are basic and can go with practically everything! Also I love Matthew Williams’ signature style, which is to combine nude colors with bright colors. Looks very awesome!

So the nude color trend actually provided a great backdoor of mixing colors, being creative and actually minimizing the chance of taking a ‘wrong’ (for a corporate environment) fashion turn. It’s basically like riding a bike with side wheels, you can go all out and will never fall:D.

Below I assembled some great nude looks to get you to a starting point. I’ve totally embraced the nude trend and am having a blast making nude, serene (fuzzy fashion talk again LOL) combo’s. Will give you an example outfit tomorrow!

Nude brings peace! Ivana





Nailed it!


Just like you suddenly have to start thinking about what to wear when you start working, it also means you can’t wear just any color on your nails or eyes anymore. It’s a really weird sensation I must say. A bit like when you were a little kid and wanted to play with a toy, but you weren’t allowed to (because it was an expensive device, and those were of course the coolest toys;)).

So what to wear on your nails? Well obviously all shades of red are always good. They can be chic, as well as funky, and always cheer up anything you’re wearing. Red is just a cool detail. Pink is I think the most popular color, but in my opinion can sometimes be a bit boring and also neon pink needs some reconsideration if you want to wear it to a client meeting.

Well after wearing a couple of shades of red or pink on different occassions, you might get bored and want to try something else. Obviously neon green might not be the bestest choice, and that’s when the nude puppy’s march into the whole scene! Ever since the whole nude trend started to rage I was very opposing, thinking “why would you want to be a plain Jane and wear boring colors, when there are so many happy colors?” Sorry my bad, especially as these colors are the best to wear on your nails in the office (seperate post on nude colors in general follows tommorow).

Grey, beige, light pink, all these colors on your nails will definitely not make a plain Jane (and are pretty hard to find with good coverage as they’re usually very sheer). Also cool combo’s of greyish purple or dark green can also do the trick.

I think the main rule should be it should look chic, so go for ‘boring’ or darker colors. Also make sure the color has a good pigment, as a lot of nail polishes of the non standard colors look bright in the bottle but are actually really sheer. Black is a little bit too tricky for me, but I’ve seen it and if it’s with a good clothes combo (proper, decent etc.) it can look really good!

The colors that I tried so far (next to the standard colors red and pink) are dark purple, light baby pink, bright coral, grey and beige. The last two colors are really my favorites lately and I’ve made some pictures of them to show you (Note: I really have to get into this whole Nail of the Day (NOTD) thingy type of picture, also please don’t pay too much attention to my nail polishing skills as I put it on like a blind monkey).

Also there’s a whole rage on the internets for the Chanel Particuliére nail polish and the Catrice ‘From dusk to dawn’. I’m never really impressed by rages but I think I saw the Chanel on a woman who was passing me by the other day (yes I had the time), and it looked AMAZING! I will have to check the stores if it’s really that cool (if there’s any left as it has been sold out like crazy) and I will be hunting the Catrice one as it is sold out everywhere as well (no they’re not the same color:))! Wish me luck;)

Chanel Particuliére nail polish, Picture:

Catrice, From dusk to dawn nail polish, swatch picture from

Just try something different, and even the smallest details like a cool color on your nails, can brighten up your day!

Peace has been nailed! Ivana

I got this one in Hong Kong, after looking everywhere for a good coverage beige nail polish. Now I know the big brands (KOH, Essie, OPI etc.) definitely have it, but I take a challenge in getting good stuff for cheap:).

If you’re a history geek, like me, you wille love the name of this polish(Berlin)! Also today is the remebrance day for the victims of WWII, so please take a few minutes of your time to think of all the people who fought so hard to give us the freedom we enjoy today. Peace to all in the world.

Wiggle, wiggle!


With the whole summer ahead of us, there of course must be some warm days (I’m a bit pessimistic after the cold Q-day:)) and I can imagine you wanting some air for your feet. Some comfortable shoes, so you can wiggle your toes around. You know what I’m talkin’ about: Sandals!

As Havaiana / Birkenstock type of slippers (in my opinion) are really not appropriate in any office, sandals are the perfect summer wear, which will give you that instant summer feeling and comfort. Next to that there are so many cool and gorgeous models out there, there must be something that will perfectly fit your style.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re wearing sandals to the office:

- Footcare is a must! This also goes for outside of the office, but it is even more important in the office! So, no dry heels (Marigold ointment helps) and definitely no chipped nail polish (brrrr, the horror). If you’re not going to do this, please just put on some closed flats or heels.

- Please, please, please buy the right size! I see so many women walking around on flat sandals with their heel hanging out of the back of the sandal:(. The thing is, especially with flat sandals, it’s better to buy one size bigger. Your regular size will probably be just right, but because of the warmth and the sweat your feet will be swollen and gliding, so it’s almost 100% sure the heel will be hanging out of the back. It seriously doesn’t look good and there always should be a little ledge on the back.

- If you have the wrap version, with ropes that you can wrap around your ankle, start at the back with tying. This will provide much more support than when you start at the front (and enables you to walk faster :) ).

- High glatiator sandals might not be the best idea

Below are some great models for inspiration, but usually in this season they’re everywhere! There definitely shouldn’t be no reson for you not to find the perfect pair. Have fun and wiggle those toes around;).

Peace! Ivana

Chicken filet


No I’m not thinking of turning this blog into a food log:). I just wanted to share a GOLDEN tip with you, which seriously made my life a bit easier as a shoe lover. Well: you know those bra fillings that are sometimes loose, so you can take them out?

They are THE perfect insole!

Huh, what? Bra fillings, is she kidding? No, I’m dead serious.

I can’t remember who told me this or where I’ve read it (sorry*blush*) but it was definitely a great dicovery as I always take them out (enough stuffing already) and had a whole box of them. I just couldn’t get myself to get rid of them and when I heard this tip, I was like “why in heavens name didn’t I think of this myself?” I do know I found out about it after we went to Hong Kong, and if you’re ever been there you know you can’t stop walking. At the end of the day your heels are killing (especially with flats) and you don’t know how to get rid of that feeling (it’s really in the heel if you know what I mean). This would have been the *haaaaaah* heaven solution.

As busy times at the office for me sometimes truly feel like a marathon, this is the perfect solution to run around without any heel pain.

Now I know that you also have the jelly insoles and everything, but they always slip out of my shoes and this is such an easy solution which almost every girl should have in the house (just in case your magic eight balls shrink:D). Also you can align two of these filling behind each other to get a total soft sole, as some shoe soles are just plain hard.

The only thing that is too bad about this solution, is the fillings are flat after wearing them about 3 or 4 times. Therefore I only wear them with shoes I know are going to make my heels hurt.

Below a few pictures of my bra fillings collection and how I use them. Use this tip wisely my Lukes!

Bra’s bring peace! Ivana