No I’m not thinking of turning this blog into a food log:). I just wanted to share a GOLDEN tip with you, which seriously made my life a bit easier as a shoe lover. Well: you know those bra fillings that are sometimes loose, so you can take them out?

They are THE perfect insole!

Huh, what? Bra fillings, is she kidding? No, I’m dead serious.

I can’t remember who told me this or where I’ve read it (sorry*blush*) but it was definitely a great dicovery as I always take them out (enough stuffing already) and had a whole box of them. I just couldn’t get myself to get rid of them and when I heard this tip, I was like “why in heavens name didn’t I think of this myself?” I do know I found out about it after we went to Hong Kong, and if you’re ever been there you know you can’t stop walking. At the end of the day your heels are killing (especially with flats) and you don’t know how to get rid of that feeling (it’s really in the heel if you know what I mean). This would have been the *haaaaaah* heaven solution.

As busy times at the office for me sometimes truly feel like a marathon, this is the perfect solution to run around without any heel pain.

Now I know that you also have the jelly insoles and everything, but they always slip out of my shoes and this is such an easy solution which almost every girl should have in the house (just in case your magic eight balls shrink:D). Also you can align two of these filling behind each other to get a total soft sole, as some shoe soles are just plain hard.

The only thing that is too bad about this solution, is the fillings are flat after wearing them about 3 or 4 times. Therefore I only wear them with shoes I know are going to make my heels hurt.

Below a few pictures of my bra fillings collection and how I use them. Use this tip wisely my Lukes!

Bra’s bring peace! Ivana