I introduced the term “Creativista” because the term “recessionista” makes me feel sad and because I feel I need to take a better look at the things I already have in my closet, instead of just longing to buy new things.

So as a challenge every Friday I pick something from my closet and make three different combo’s with it. It is meant to inspire myself  and you to be more creative and make new combiminations with the stuff we already have:D.

Last week I picked my light mint green basic tee, because I adore the color and would love to wear it more often in different ways:

So these are the combo’s I made with it:

Combination 1: Light mint green H&M basic tee, trousers from Shenzhen and Van Haren heels

Combination 2: Light mint green H&M basic tee and blue pencil skirt (remember this one?) and Van Haren heels

Combination 3: Light mint green H&M basic tee and heels, red tube top worn as a skirt, striped white Zara blazer

Oh man I LOVE, ADORE, WORSHIP outfit #3 (sorry I got a little bit carried away:)). But seriously I love these colors with each other and the blazer had an amazing upgrade effect (you should have seen it without it;)). Outfit #1 is for the more chill days and so is #2, nevertheless I do like those as well (duh otherwise NO pictures:P). Definitely wearing all of them, it’s just too bad I only have one tee (or maybe I’ll buy a second one…. hmm:D).

Anyway item for next week is my H&M violet ruffle top:

I have this top for over a year and only wore it ONCE (actually I also have the black version which is also only worn once:s)! Waste, waste, waste! So I’m gonna have some fun with it next week (love the color and the ruffles).

Thanks for reading and I would love to hear which combo you like best (or maybe none at all;))! Have a supah dupah weekend (almost, you’re so close:D!)

Create the peace! Ivana