I introduced the term “Creativista” because the term “recessionista” makes me feel sad and because I feel I need to take a better look at the things I already have in my closet, instead of just longing to buy new things.

So as a challenge every Friday I pick something from my closet and make three different combo’s with it. It is meant to inspire myself¬† and you to be more creative and make new combiminations with the stuff we already have:D.

Last week I picked my lilac ruffle H&M top, because despite me loving the color and the shape I only wore it once up untill now:

So here are the three combo’s I made with it:

Combination 1: H&M lilac ruffle top, ruffle skirt and puffed shoulders blazer, vintage belt and Shenzhen heels.

Combination 2: H&M lilac ruffle top, bodycon skirt and pink jacket, gifted belt and Van Haren heels.

Combination 3: H&M lilac ruffle top, see through cardigan, lace up heels, studded belt and New Yorker pants.

Combo 3 is my definite favorite, although combo 1 is a really close runner up! I think I would wear combo 3 more casual and combo 1 to a client appointment. Combo 2 looked better IRL but when I saw it on the pictures it made me look way bigger, so I don’t know if this is a really good choice. Maybe it would work better with skinnies…

The item which surprised me most was the see through cardigan! I love it but don’t wear it a lot (there we go again, total waste!) and seeing it like this I think I can fix up some cool combo’s with it next week.

Thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts about the combo’s in the comments!

Peace to creativity! Ivana

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