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Update: Strangled hair and Queen Mary hairdo’s


One GIGANTO compliment for me is someone saying they found a post useful. In this case it were my sister in law Daj and friend Elvira who told me they really liked the strangled hair and Queen Mary hairdo’s. As there’s nothing better than seeing other people using your tips, I asked them if they could pretty please make pics of it so I can show you how they did it and how it looks on other people.

Daj with the strangled hair hairdo & me

Hot lady Elvira with the Queen Mary hairdo

I so much appreciate this and you don’t even know half how this makes my day! So sweet reader if you ever did one of the hairdo’s (still have to tape two more, sorry for the delay) please show me by sending a picture. If you don’t feel comfortable by me posting it online (I can imagine) you can just say so, but I would LOVE to see it!

EDIT: Yaaaaayy my sweety Soenita also sent me some pics of her version of strangled hair:

Soen with a twisted version of strangled hair.

Thank you so much sweet ladies Daj, Elf en Soen!

Peace to tha ladies! Ivana

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Strangled hair


Hello ladies!! My first video is up on YouTube!!! Yay for me:D. So in this first video I wanted to show you how to do one of my favorite 4 bad hairday hairdo’s:

Strangled hair

I hope you like it and it’s something that you can use!

Note: I still have to figure out where to find copyright free music, and not to forget to write notes IN the video;)!

Note II: You can also use this bad hairday hairdo to fix your bangs, if they’re getting too long or are just greasy (experience talking;))

Note III: You can also twist the other side, so you get two twists, each side one.

Bad or good hairday?


Hellooo ladies! How you doin’ on this beautiful day:D? I woke up way too late but I just couldn’t sleep last night because I’m featured in Bright magazine and I was soooo excited:D! Will show you a picture today or tomorrow because in a couple of minutes my sister in law is coming over to make some cool pics for this bloggie:DDD.

Remember I told you fashion doesn’t have anything to do with size 0? Well I have some stuff coming up for you to illustrate this point. The pictures with my sister in law are part of that, as well as pictures I made with my most fashionable girlie EVAH! Also I still owe you the “technical” explanation of the shopping session with Mascha from Beautygloss.nl. Soo a lot of stuff coming up:D!

For today a preview of 4 of  my favorite bad hairday do’s. It is too weird as I always seem to get compliments about my hair when I have a bad hairday and just do a quick fix up. Weird but true. I guess my normal washed hairdo isn’t compliment worthy hihi, maybe I’ll just never wash my hair ever again:P.

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