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Super summer accessories for the office: bags



It’s here! The official start of summer is today!!! Unfortunately the weather has been horrible in the last week, and as I’m writing this the weather forecast for the official start of summer is perfect. I just hope it comes true, but we’ll have to wait and see…

As I did a  count down to the official start of summer with the super summer accessories for the office series this day does mean today will be the last post of this series. In general there would be no better accessory to end it with than with sunglasses, but I saw so many cool and colorful bags I made up my mind. So here are my 5 favorite bags I would love to wear this summer!


1 Fiorelli Black Bermondsey large grab shopper
2 River Island red snake briefcase

3 Asos leather colour block satchel

4 River Island orange large leather tote bag

5 Zara Sailor shopper


I always put my bag on my desk and having one of these 5 bags next to me would most definitely cause an instant “summer sun happiness” effect (you know that feeling of the sun on your face? Yeah that one.) on me! I so love the way they all give me a feeling of going out on a hot summer day. Something I probably will be doing after office hours, if the weather co operates. Bring on the sun!

Wishing you an amazing start of summer! Have fun and make the most of it.



Office wear essentials: business bag


Asos.com premium leather covered frame bag -  € 83.33

I started a new series: office wear essentials. This is because there are a few essential office wear pieces you need in your closet, in order to always look professional when you start working in a corporate environment. This week: business bags. Now a while ago I already had trouble making a Sheep Monday with appropriate business bags, simply because the good looking ones usually cost a bit more. Now if there’s one accessory I would definitely recommend you to invest in, it would be your business bag. Today some examples and tips on what would be a good choice.

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