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Craftsmanship is in the details


On a couple occassions I already said I adore colors! The more the better and in the end I just hope I don’t look like a clown hihi.

No seriously I have a feeling colors are one of the most trickiest aspects of fashion, because a ‘wrong’ color combo can make or break an outfit (definitely making a post about ‘wrong’ color combo’s:D). Combine that with all kinds of color theories and the result is many people are afraid of colors, while it’s something you can have so much fun with!

On many occassions I have been surprised by colors which you wouldn’t normally put together (why? I dunno) but when I did it was like wow, that’s something different and I like it! An example of this is the white and cream combo you could see in the Vanilla Caramel outfit post. It’s so easy, but it really surprised me.

Anyway I’m going to devote a different post to colorful outfits, but today I want to start slow. Exactly because many people are afraid of colors you have to build up and get used to it. What better way than to do that with color details.

For the record: I don’t believe in certain colors for certain people. Definitely some colors look better on different skin colors and make them pop, but there are so many shades of one color (warm and cold) that it’s impossible to completely exclude for instance blue because it’s not your color. And if that’s your favorite color wouldn’t that make you sad, that some stupid rule says you can’t wear blue because it’s not your color?

Ok color details, as you might have guessed, are details in your outfit you add to make it just a bit more exciting. For instance you have a whole black, white and grey outfit. Pretty nice, but if you add just a red scarf or a yellow belt it’s completely different. Color details are perfect for giving an office outfit just that extra fizz that it needs to make you feel you have your own style.

You can think of many different items; accessories like bags, ear rings, belts but also outfit items like a skirt or a blouse. Just play around! As long as the rest is neutral colors (nude but also basic colors like black or dark blue) anything goes.

You might want to match it up likeĀ  for instance a yellow ring with yellow shoe, but my opinion is a color detail pops much more when you don’t match it with anything. I, for instance, love red shoes under an all black outfit!

Just play around and have fun with colors! Before you know it they will start to grow on you;).

Below some celeb outfits with color details to get you an idea and some inspiration.

Thanks for reading and I wish you peace in all colors of the rainbow! Ivana