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Office boots shopping update



Asos Georgie Leather knee high boots


Asos Abraham Spikey heel zip ankle boot


As announced last Friday my shopping restraint is over and I cheated a little bit because I came across these two gorgeous puppies in the ASOS sale! I really needed some flat black leather boots for this winter (yes that’s right, summer just started and I’m already thinking about my winter wardrobe!) and these boots are perfect.

In a earlier post I explained why flats are an essential to a office wardrobe, as you really can’t wear heels every day. Tried and tested, and it’s just not doable if you have a hectic job. These boots are simple and very clean, exactly the way I like my flat boots. I have to be able to wear them with anything, so these will definitely do the trick.

Next to ordering these I also came across the insanely high (13 cm heel!!!) gorgeous ankle boots and decided I needed those as well, as a compensation for the flat boots (I guess that’s some female logic….).

As this was my first time ordering at Asos (even though I browse through their collection almost every day…) I didn’t know what to expect. Well, I can tell you the service is amazing! I ordered, paying with a credit card, and within two days my order was in! I was completely shocked as the confirmation email stated they would arrive next week, and being used to H&M service I was expecting just that. It completely made my day.

The package arrived with two boxes and it was all neatly packed. I ripped the bag open to fit the boots immediately and unfortunately they were both too big…Can you imagine my dissappointment holding my perfect flat black boots and them being too big? Yes, heartbreaking! The ankle boots were also too big and I sent them both back.

Only to order both boots in a size smaller within 5 minutes. The package is already dispatched, so I’m very excited an hope they’ll fit perfectly this time.

All I can say after my first order at Asos: big, big <3!

To be continued…

Wishing you an amazing day!



The shopping restraint is over!


As you may have noticed I haven’t put up any shopping update, ever since my Barcelona shopping spree. There’s are reason for this and I’m very proud to say that, as of today, I have completed my 3 month shopping restraint!

Yes, that’s correct: 90 days without buying anything!

Not even a top, a lip gloss or a nail polish. Nothing, nada, niente that I didn’t need.

The reason behing this radical decision was that I was out of control in the first quarter of this year. It was simply insane that I would go into town every week and never come home empty handed. Don’t get me wrong, it felt really good and I’m not sorry for anything I bought. But I did feel I was loosing control over myself and that felt really bad.

Next to that I wanted to buy my first pair of designer shoes and this felt like the perfect reason to test myself how bad I really wanted them. Well it turns out pretty bad, as I didn’t spend a dime on clothes, accessories , shoes and beauty stuff in the past 90 days. Ok I have to admit I cheated a tiny bit as I made my first Asos delivery last Tuesday (yes, new shopping post coming up!), but that one will be delivered next week so I’ll just look past that little slip.

And now you must be wondering how it felt to completely restrain myself from shopping, while being a fashionista and wanting to stay fashionable….

I can tell you I genuinenly amazed myself by how long I could combine all the cool pieces I got in January and still always have a different up to date look! It is ridiculuous how many clothes and shoes I have in my closet, and I only found out because I had a shopping restraint. I really don’t want to forget this lesson and it might even be something I would like to incorporate in my habits. Shopping during sale makes so much more sense, so why would you constantly buy things in between when you don’t even need them?

Finally I think I’m giving up the € 30,- rule. I feel it is based on greed, wanting to buy as many different things as I can. This is just plain wrong as I don’t even need that much. Instead I would like to focus on things that really catch my eye and steal my heart, regardless if they’re cheap or expensive. The way I feel about that now is that this would be a much more constructive rule when buying clothes, as I would only buy things which I truly like. The ideal result would of course be a closet only filled with things which I love, but I’m very aware every fashionista has some things in her closet which she never wears. It would be great though if I could limit these to a minimum.

I’m very pleased and proud of myself I was able to complete this task and proove to myself that I am in control. And as sale season started again, and I saved  a little bit of money from not shopping this months, you know what that means right? SHOPPING!

Keep an eye out for new shopping updates, as those are coming up for sure!

Enjoy your weekend!



Versace for H&M!


I’m always very curious which designer will be next for a collaboration with H&M, and was so excited to hear it is Versace this year! I love it that H&M continues to partner up with really big high end brands, with a beautiful heritage.

And this heritage is exactly what H&M wants to build on in the collaboration with Versace this fall. There will be leather, prints, colors and lots of liveliness in the collection. A big yay for that as winter is already sad enough, so the more liveliness in our wardrobe the better! I’m particularly very curious to see the whole collection and what pieces would be perfect for an awesome office outfit. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

There will be a male and female collection, as well as a couple interior items. All will be available in H&M stores and online as of November 17, 2011. So mark that date in your calendar!!!

For more sneek peeks of the collection see the below video.



Super summer accessories for the office: bags



It’s here! The official start of summer is today!!! Unfortunately the weather has been horrible in the last week, and as I’m writing this the weather forecast for the official start of summer is perfect. I just hope it comes true, but we’ll have to wait and see…

As I did a  count down to the official start of summer with the super summer accessories for the office series this day does mean today will be the last post of this series. In general there would be no better accessory to end it with than with sunglasses, but I saw so many cool and colorful bags I made up my mind. So here are my 5 favorite bags I would love to wear this summer!


1 Fiorelli Black Bermondsey large grab shopper
2 River Island red snake briefcase

3 Asos leather colour block satchel

4 River Island orange large leather tote bag

5 Zara Sailor shopper


I always put my bag on my desk and having one of these 5 bags next to me would most definitely cause an instant “summer sun happiness” effect (you know that feeling of the sun on your face? Yeah that one.) on me! I so love the way they all give me a feeling of going out on a hot summer day. Something I probably will be doing after office hours, if the weather co operates. Bring on the sun!

Wishing you an amazing start of summer! Have fun and make the most of it.



Jumping into spring: trenchcoats


1 Asos classic mac

2 Asos premium midi draped belted mac

3 Zara double brested trenchcoat

4 Asos collarless belted mac

5 Zara trenchcoat

THE JOY! Spring is here to stay! After a first weekend of +20 degrees in the Netherlands I’m very hopeful to have a great ummer this year. Untill that time I’m enjoying the little pleasures that take you a step closer to summer, like trading your winter coat for a spring coat. And no better coat for this than the trench coat! I still have to take mine out for a first ride this year, but that will either be this week or the week after that. Mark my words.

To share this completely excited mood towards the run into summer I collected some beautiful trenchcoats! Enjoy yours!

Wishing you a gorgeous day!



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Wishlist update


As I have been insanely shopping lately it is definitely time for a little shopping stop. BUT this doesn’t mean I can’t think about what I would like to buy when my shopping urge becomes unstoppable again ;) . I got some items from my wishlist (LOL, remember my wishlist policy? Yeah that one’s pretty much out of the window for now ;) ) so it means I get to cross those. Definitely time for a wishlist update!

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Personal update – Back from Barca!


Miise being cultural at the Sagrada Familia :D

Ladies I´m back from Barcelona! Whiiihaaa my first vacation alone EVAH is a fact! And boy it was an adventure :D . Barcelona is an amazing city. It is so gorgeous, simply walking down any street is a pleasure due to all the cool stuff around you. Of course I went shopping and guess what…it was still sale season and I saw at least 6! Zara´s :D . Whooohoo my first day was a massive shop attack LOL.

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